Rio Pratama Hopes To Get Back Hercis Attention


Rio Pratama Hopes To Get Back Hercis Attention

Rio Pratama Valentino has made their debut with Persela Lamongan when they were held to a 2-2 draw by hosts Persiba Balikpapan at Parikesit Stadium on Sunday (07/23/2017). Feelings of joy surrounding the players born 29 April 1995 this.

“I’m a bit nervous in my debut game. But I am happy and very excited. Thank you for coach has given a chance to play for me, “said Rio as reported on the club’s official website.

Rio deserved to be happy, as he was trusted by head coach Persela Heri Kiswanto (Herkis) to appear full. The opportunity came after Ahmad Birrul Walidain absent due to serving the punishment of card accumulation.

“Hopefully Persela can win every game and hopefully in the next game I can be trusted again to fill the back line,” said Rio.

But Rio remains self-conscious. He admitted that he still has many shortcomings that must be corrected, including raising the level of the game if you want to re-fill the list of starting line-up team Laskar Joko Tingkir.

“Still have a lot of practice again, because (Persela goalkeeper) still conceded two goals. I as a defender, if still conceded feel there is less. Must always be consistent in the game, “said Rio, referring to the results against Persiba.

In the next game, Persela will complete the first round of League 1 when entertaining Barito Putera at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan. The two teams meeting is scheduled to take place on Friday (07/28/2017).

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